Premium senior residence Costa Del Sol to the illustrious retreat place of the one one(s), that her/its/their highest claims live and estimate own spaces also away from the bustle. Whether you would like to cover an Appartement alone, or to second-whether you are athletically very active, takes help of care in claim someday.

The residence is sun beach in Costa Del Sol, enchants with her/its/their mediterranen flair and charm. The residence is surrounded on the sea from palms with gaze. The surroundings invites to the daily walk and lingering. All Appartements have a balcony and a terrace at their disposal so that the inhabitants can enjoy the heat of the sunbeams. A cafeteria restaurant and a library fitness also is area in the residence.

Conversation and leisure time
An entertaining and diversified casual program contributes to the social, physical and psychic well-being. The inhabitants learn other people to know and improve her/its/their health and her/its/their mobility. Physiotherapy hours and gymnastics groups are fitting massage to the offers. Specifically in the summer, water gymnastics is a popular sport activity. Gladly, the inhabitants are accompanied at trips, hikes and trips to exhibitions or concerts.

Medical and health care
The foster co-workers of the residence are available 24 hours and like to help with every individual concern and with each wish. The professional foster team takes care of people, that are no more in the situation because of an illness or one hindrance, to get itself/themselves independently or to live. The foster offers are suitable also for seniors, who require medical care or medical control after an accident or a hospital stay.